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Contact Lenses

It is important to see an Optometrist before deciding on using contact lenses as there are many different types on the market and if you use inappropriate lenses you could experience discomfort and blurred vision.

We advise coming in for a consultation which will include:

  • A full assessment of the eyes and corneas
  • A discussion on whether they are suitable for your condition
  • Lifestyle requirements
  • Information on the type of contact lenses and their selection
  • Education on the use and care of your lenses
  • An after care regime personalised to suit you

Wearing contact lenses can make a real difference to the quality of your life.  Having the option of not having to wear glasses can give you real freedom, especially if you play sport or lead an active lifestyle, or you simply don't like wearing glasses.

Types of Contact lenses

Daily disposables - Soft and can be discarded after one wear

Fortnightly or Monthly disposables - Soft and can be worn for either a fortnight or a month

Extended Wear Contact lenses - Soft and can be worn for either a fortnight or a month

Rigid Gas Permeable Contact lenses - Known as hard contact lenses which are not as flexible as soft lenses

Custom Made lenses - Tailor made to suit your exact eye shape and are generally replaced each year.








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